Kaftan for woman King Queen (white) in silk chiffon with artistic prints that come from paintings.



  • ☀ Design☀ Our scarves and kaftans are born from the watercolor paintings of our designer Marinella Stornello. Landscapes and traditional subjects intertwine with the millennial history of Sicily, always managing to find new ideas to link folklore to new trends. Guarantee of quality and originality. 100% made in Italy. Also available in blue background. The king queen model is one of the most beloved born from the legend of the Moor’s heads, the Sicilian legend par excellence. Walking through the Sicilian streets it is easy to be enchanted in front of the majestic Moro heads, also known in Sicilian as “Graste”, which for centuries have enriched and colored the balconies of this magnificent land. Daughters of a millenary tradition, these prestigious works of art with refined craftsmanship are not born from a deliberate artistic imagination, they all find a common origin in an ancient legend: protagonists of this poignant story are a young Moor and a beautiful Sicilian girl, their story will end in blood.
  • ☀ Specification ☀ Unique size. Our scarves and kaftans are in 50% silk and 50% polyester, fabric and print made in Italy.
  • ☀ Tips ☀ Hand wash in cold water, do not iron. ☀ Audience ☀ Suitable for women, suitable for Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, party gifts, graduation gifts, back to school gifts or special gifts!
  • ☀ Brand ☀ Marinella Stornello offers a 12 month warranty service. Your message will be replied within 24 hours. We have purchased premium quality fabrics that are soft and light to the touch. Shipping fulfilled by us worldwide.