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How are your products made?

Our jewels are made with high quality materials, entirely made in Italy. The materials that you can find most in our jewels are: 925% gold plated nickel and cadmium free, therefore, totally hypoallergenic; gold-plated brass also hypoallergenic. Other materials that you can find in our jewels are hand-painted ceramic, finished in gold or luster in third firing. Hard stones, coral, Etna lava. Our lava is 50% worked with resin, this gives it its particular velvety touch effect. In addition, ceramic undergoes 3 firing phases: the first phase consists in modeling the clay, the second firing phase occurs after it is painted and the third as soon as the pure gold or shine is passed.

Are your jewels heavy to wear?

No, for example, ceramic loses all its water in cooking and therefore significantly reduces weight.

Is the ceramic of the jewels produced by you?

Yes, our jewels are entirely produced by us, from design to assembly, including the ceramic

Do they break if they fall?

It mainly depends on the shape, some shapes, such as the balls are very resistant, others instead that have the tips a little more delicate, for example the pomegranate.

Si possono fare delle creazioni personalizzate?

Si, puoi semplicemente contattarci a [email protected] e valuteremo insieme la richiesta.

I don't have peirced ears, can I buy your earrings?

Yes, we have clips to assemble with a small surcharge.

Will gold on ceramics wear off over time?

No, this does not happen because the ceramic is fired at more than 300 ° C.


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